Stop Long Animal Transports

This isn't something new, but anyway, most people ignore the cruel truth. I just don't get them. 

For German speaking people: Bitte bei dieser Petition mitmachen! I'm disgusted, that an petition is actually required. 


Serious Business

My Own Private Alaska, the Band, I'm maybe going to see today:

Well, it's for free. But on the other hand I could do my Swedish homework and go to bed earlier, since I nearly didn't sleep last night (you know why) and have to get up tomorrow at least at 7 a.m. Hm, hm...

By the way, I'm now earning my money by returning deposit beer bottles. 


Instead of The Blood Arm in concert and privat all-night party at Hamburg Mainstation as previously planned I'm lying in my bed sitting at home, reading a shitload of pages for university. Around 70. Since NOW. Dilligent and ambitious. Wow.


Believe Me

This is funny. So... indie... I ever expected witches to wear cones and ride on besoms like those.

If anybody cares, I'm doing pretty well lately. Got stuck in an elevator yesterday, that was fun. 



Too Good for this World.

I dreamed I inherited a newspaper and could work there as the chief editor and a journalist besides university. Why can't I just once wake up and it's reality?