I whish it would be Thursday evening already...

She Passed Away are the first Turkish band I can freely listen to. It's all right as long as it's post punk. But maybe they are also too much into dark wave, can't decide. 

I know I'd better work on my presentation (ahm, 50 minutes left?) instead of watching music videos on YouTube in bed, but it's so hard... The subject is boring as hell and my bed is so incredibly warm and cozy and I can't bear to be seperated from it. Especially not on a day like today.


Eine Partei für Jung und Alt

Die Rentnerpartei Deutschlands ist nicht nur für die Rentner da. Damit die Renten steigen und das Renteneintrittsalter sinken können, muss ja auch "der Nachwuchs gefördert werden", also jemand da sein, der ordentlich malocht, Hintern putzt und in die Kasse einzahlt. Die Forderung nach absoluter Nachtruhe ab 20Uhr und Rollatorschleichwegen fehlt mir noch. Die Gesellschaft sollte sich schließlich anpassen. 


OMG! Sahra Wagenknecht and... OSKAR LAFONTAINE?! HUH?! It's not that I didn't notice them both living mentally on some different planet far away from Earth. But I never would have guessed it's the same.

But congrats, I consider them to be the perfect couple to give birth to the next Lenin. Some would take this as a compliment (they would, of course), but I honestly won't.
My mood changed into Berserk Mode. Don't know why I have to feel like the villain when I'm the victim. It's hilarious, isn't it?


I maybe mentioned it often enough,



I hope I won't get lost this night in Hamburg without my mobile phone. Somebody stole it last week from my own bookshelf at my own party. Sad, sad smiley. 


Just gave the new shower radio a try. Gameshow:

Moderator: Give us five planets of our solar system.
Woman: Saturn, Uranus, ... Pluto... Don't know...
Moderator: Just two others, please!
Woman: Sun and Moon?

I won't touch that gadget again. It just would make me mad and aggressive.