I Know You Know

Yesterday I went to the Tu Fawning concert at Café Glocksee here in Hanover. I really enjoyed it, though it seemed a trifle short. They came back on stage to play one song as an encore two times. But anyway, I liked it. Bands with different line-ups when singer-guitarist-bassist-drummer appeal to me and each of the members changed the instrument multiple times.
Furthermore all four signed my CD booklet and talked a bit to me. They said they want to tour Germany and also Hanover next spring again.

"I Know You Know" is my favorite song by them, though I have to admit I don't really like the music video.



Waiking up fully dressed with a bucket next to your bed end isn't that of a nice start in the day.



I cooked the most delicious vegan spinach lasagna ever, with silk tofu, tomatoes, and spicy yeast glaze. They tasted it, pushed their plates away and ordered food at the asian takeaway.

I'm Doing So Well

The time has come. I will role myself out of bed, take a shower, let my rather short hair dry for hours and then cook. A day like every day, nothing to do, and also not in the mood to do anything. Viva las vacaciones!

I somehow disliked Electricity In Our Homes before, I don't know why. But I changed my mind. The clip is crappy, anyhow. Though its meagreness also has some charme.


Crazy On The Dancefloor

New music video for Restless by Kakkmaddafakka:

Don't know if I like it. It's high quality and stuff, but there are blond chicks in it and they are doing apparatus gymnastics. I hated apparatus gymnastics and I hated physical education and, oh, I also hated sports. Today I just hate apparatus gymnastics and physical education. Also I were in love with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the old version. Honestly, this models really bother me.
Ah, can't wait to see Kakkmaddafakka again at Dockville Festival!

Btw, I think I have a date at 8 p.m., but I'm not sure. No, I don't have his mobile number. What should I do, aaaaah?! I'm too lazy to get up just to stand there and see if he appears. I'm also too lazy to get up if I really have to go. Oh dear, live is complicated.


Surprise, Surprise!

For my Birthday, which was yesterday and felt like every other day, I got a "VIP Bag for Her" from my male flatmate. It... enlightened my day... but I guess I'll never ever use it. Okay, I had to drink my beer out of that "straw" (on the right), but that's it. I wasn't even allowed to read some pages out of "Screams of Lust in Rio" at the kitchen table btw, which would be the only pleasure for me.

(pink thongue "Sweet Love", next to last Orion catalogue, fierce erotic novel, 
vibrator "Lady Finger", massage oil "Fresh Vanilla Touch", penis straw)

New layout and it's awful! I should change it soon, but it has to stay some days before, because it took me too much time for designing to dismiss it completely.


Picture Frame

Haha, I laughed hard at this live gig review's comments. Well, while reading the review, I've first been a bit shocked. But okay, everyone has his own opinion and the right to express it. But this:
"[...] Samantha pulls a face like a wet fanny when playing."
wasn't the real Cherish Kaya, was it? Hm, I don't think so.

Oh, I would be so happy to be on a gig like that. R O M A N C E, complete HTRK and Ipso Facto together. Today that would be impossible.

Wild Creatures

I actually got a reply mail from Hatcham Social about the street team project, though I live in a country where like 99,9% (I guess) never heard about them. Now I should film a footage of myself (or any other female volunteer, but who could be that stupid to do this for me?) transforming into a wild animal. I guess they need material for the "Wild Creatures" music video. I tried to style myself as a cat, but I'm such a crappy cat.

(Unfortunately no video of Hatcham Social's "Wild Creatures" available)

Hatcham Social are btw one of my favourite bands in 2010 + 2011, though I never wrote about them before. I remember a situation last year where I tried to survive a car journey with my parents and granny due to listening to Hatcham Social in the car's CD player to calm down and not to be forced to listen/speak to my parents. It ended in my father bashing my music taste. And I thought it improved over the years. Sad smiley needed.


Happy Birthday!

One year ago I wrote the first stupid post at Harmonise in White & Black! Happy birthday, beloved useless blog!

In honour of the occation I'll create a nw favicon now. The current one is crappy. And maybe I'll also design a new layout these days. We'll see.


Yupp, yupp

It's Sunday Friday evening and I have a lot to write about. Tons of stories nobody cares. Personal and unpersonal. Crap and maybe... something that isn't that crappy. But unfortunatelly I started to write AFTER I started to drink and, well... I don't wanna even know how many mistakes I made in these... ahm... five or six sentences. I can't even think properly in German anymore. Good night.


Ears and Eyes

Knowing if I move from here, all I know will disappear. A risk for which I'm grateful now...

Did I mention how blue I am due to Ipso Facto's disbanding? Though I really apreciate R O M A N C E, who have Ipso Facto's Samantha Valentine as their bassist now. But I miss the sound and Rosalie Cunningham's lovely voice.


Nummernziehen für Dummies

Geil. Eigentlich wollte ich nur übergangsweise hartzen, werde jetzt aber vermittelt. Jemand wie ich solle ausgesprochen gut zu verhökern sein. Mein Traum von drei hyperschnuffigen Monaten, in denen sich ein unglaublich nützliches Praktikum an das nächste reiht, ist jetzt wohl ausgeträumt. Ach ja, außerdem ist "jede Arbeit zumutbar". Zum Beispiel Kadaver zerhexeln und zubereiten, denn ich müsse das ja schließlich nicht essen. Hat er gesagt, ja. Da haben sich die drei Stunden im Wartezimmer doch glatt gelohnt. Dafür bekomme ich eine Geburtstagsüberraschung, denn genau an meinem kleinen Jubiläum ist der nächste Termin, hui!
Habe ich schon erwähnt, dass die ganzen anderen Idioten, die ich kenne und die in meiner Situation sind, einfach hin sind und sich in der Wartezeit nun beruhigt die Eier kraulen können?

Desweiteren stresst der Alte hier rum, ich solle seine Angelegenheiten erledigen. Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte, die mir gerade nicht weniger die Kotze hochtreibt.


Sexy Bundestag

Finally! Now you can rate the sexiest German politicians. But damn, why is this stupid Wagenknecht #1?! I have to vote her down... Here it is! 


Bicycle Boy

Froschschenkel à la Cuisine

Die Empfehlung der Feinschmecker
  1. Man nimmt einen Frosch, möglichst den Seefrosch (Rana ridibunda, was schon ironischerweise so viel heißt wie lachender Frosch)
  2. Bei noch lebendigem Leibe zieht man diesen über ein Messer und durchtrennt seine Wirbelsäule. Nun können die noch zuckenden schmackhaften Schenkel, ausgerissen werden.
  3. Der Oberkörper, welcher noch bis zu drei Stunden lebt, kann als Müll entsorgt werden. Bitte an dieser Stelle keine Gefühle zeigen, denn es ist nur ein Frosch und sie lieben ja diese leckeren kleinen Schenkelchen.
  4. Für einen kleinen Schmaus benötigen sie dann etwa 30 Schenkel, also nur 15 Frösche. Wenn sie ein großes Restaurant, zum Beispiel in Paris betreiben, können es gut und gerne bis zu 450 Frösche am Tag werden.
  5. Das weiter Procedere kennen sie, Knoblauch, Weißwein und so weiter.
  6. Wir wünschen Ihnen einen guten Appetit!

Mir ist jetzt schlecht. Das passende Bild dazu spare ich mir lieber...


Lovers & Liars

4 p.m. - Do I really have to get up?

Oh yes!

 (My fav song.)

Haha, it took just like one second to bring my mood on an exalted level. The Kills will play at Hamburger Docks in August.
Finally. They are one of my favs since like forever and I never saw them live. But that doesn't mean I never had the chance. 
It's hard for me to talk about, cause every time I thought about it I felt like crying. Or not. But I was sad. And angry. But more sad. Some weeks ago I went to a festival which is called Hurricane just to see them. Okay, I was interested in at least half of the line-up, but there wasn't any other band I was looking for in that way, with hearts in my eyes. I payed a lot of money, felt like a zombie for three days in a row due to the weather conditions, a lack of descent warm clothes and warming alcohol. But I told myself it's all okay, as long as I see The Kills. Guess what: I didn't. Because they played in a tend, which was full during and before their perfomance and I wasn't there early enough (like two bands earlier as I had planned). I guess most of the people who saw them just were there inside of the tend because of the rain and not to see the band in the first place. I talked to some people who were waiting infront of it and who didn't even know the band. Frustrating³.

But that wasn't he only missed opportunity just this year. They already played in Berlin this april, with S.C.U.M as support. That would have been a double win. If it wasn't around the time I had to sit around at home with my papers to study for this exams (which surprisingly turned out well).

But now I'll go and see them at least in August! And nothing can stop me - if I don't forget to buy the tickets in time, like I did like umpteen times before.  

In Between Buses

I kinda like Las Robertas. But why is their drumer, Franco, dressing like a girl and calling himself "Ana"? Strange, but nevermind, it's all about the music. Sadly they are one of these bands I know for ages (okay, maybe it's just like a year) but never got the chance to get a CD, because they don't sell anything outside of South America.