Don't hit the bottom

Actually I should go to the Fährmannsfest now. But in fact I'm lying here alone in my room, somehow drunk. Hum.

Where did all the love go?

The last days were filled with stress, procrastination, anger, and blah. Not to forget disappointment. Tons of disappointment. It's been my birthday some days ago. Don't ask about how old I am now because I reached the age of becomming younger with every year. Like I said, also this birthday had a huge amount of disappointment involved. Nobody cares about it, but maybe my new little blog? Hum, ... no. Not now.
However, a friend of mine who I couldn't see for more than three years visited me and that made my days.

First I wanted to write "this music video makes me cry", but then I noticed I actually didn't cry. WTF?! What happened to soppy crybaby Karin? What about the days she could start immediately after the beginning of Air by Bach without a reason? Is she already dead inside? Let's keep in mind a dog is playing the sad heroine - someone with fur and soft ears who's unbelievably cuddly and cute. Someone with features of a cat. And I didn't cry?!
At first I thought "at least they didn't kill her for animal experiments (like my first cat)", but Laika died in space in the Sputnik 2 rocket. Okay, now I'm ready for crying.
Btw.: The song by Trentemøller is okay, but not really the music genre I'd listen to passionately.


You must be used to the pain

Worked 17h at a stretch, came home like a wreck and sat around, slept for 2h, woke up - and now am able to continue working? Dead tired as I am I will. To feel alive and not like a pussy.


You don't need to

Good morning. Everyone. Tons of followers. Yeah!

I just woke up, mjammjam. If I hadn't let that tab open, I probably had forgotten about this by now. Like every morning I am free to do it, my first act is grabbing the laptop to turn the music on (Last.fm radio). The DFA version of Fischerspooner's Emerge is like two and a half zillions shittier than the original. But maybe it is just me, because I don't get electro properly and am just used to the more conventional styles.



Feels like I have to listen to shoegaze now. Lout. While cleaning the flat. Naked.

Two o'clock

I cannot sleep. I am restless. It is not too late, just nearly 2 a.m., but I'm not used to it anymore. My "working day" will start at 7 p.m. and what will I do until then? Tomorrow at the same time I should be "working".

Somehow this guy who has to be something like my "boss" told me as I left to call me later to go out but did not. Hopefully they kept out of mischief and went to bed. That does not mean I have been eager to hang out with them; it just means I do not want to be lied to. I am used to be, but it feels wrong in a case were you do something voluntary for someone who lies to you.
But if I find out I could quit at some moment while shooting that creepy movie, by the time they need me the most. Bhahahaha!

I detest to caption

This is not a place to tell you about music, teach you about fashion, ramble about gossip. This is just a place to write about random things which come to my mind. This is just a place for me.

Possibly it is a miserable idea to create a new blog. Will I really post frequently? Won't it become emo again like the others? So pssssst! This will remain secretly until it grew a bit. At least.

Anyway, the first post is dedicated to the blog titles origin: the lovely song "Harmonise" by adorable but sadly disbanded Ipso Facto.