Where did all the love go?

The last days were filled with stress, procrastination, anger, and blah. Not to forget disappointment. Tons of disappointment. It's been my birthday some days ago. Don't ask about how old I am now because I reached the age of becomming younger with every year. Like I said, also this birthday had a huge amount of disappointment involved. Nobody cares about it, but maybe my new little blog? Hum, ... no. Not now.
However, a friend of mine who I couldn't see for more than three years visited me and that made my days.

First I wanted to write "this music video makes me cry", but then I noticed I actually didn't cry. WTF?! What happened to soppy crybaby Karin? What about the days she could start immediately after the beginning of Air by Bach without a reason? Is she already dead inside? Let's keep in mind a dog is playing the sad heroine - someone with fur and soft ears who's unbelievably cuddly and cute. Someone with features of a cat. And I didn't cry?!
At first I thought "at least they didn't kill her for animal experiments (like my first cat)", but Laika died in space in the Sputnik 2 rocket. Okay, now I'm ready for crying.
Btw.: The song by Trentemøller is okay, but not really the music genre I'd listen to passionately.

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