Lazy me

Okay, a posting about Dockville Festival is missing. And now I'm going to BootBooHook, a local festival which isn't thaaaaat good, but okay, it's cheap and I don't have to travel through the country to get there. Also I have to hurry on Monday with flat viewings, because I have to get to Hamburg for The Kills.
My intention to write more non-nonsense in this blog is going south due to my talent to delay everything.


Prostitution als Weg, die Studiengebühren zu bezahlen?


My bed is my office

Busy days, yo. Since I'm back from Dockville Festival (I'll post something about it later) I'm constantly have to read mails, mail back, read again, forward mails, write mails, take notes, ... Why? Because everyone seems to be interested to be our new flat mate. Of course everyone is a major hyperbole,but it's 60 requests in 8 days after all. Fortunatelly I deleted my phone number from the offer after the first call, if not, I would have to phone with masses of boring/strange/improper people and won't be able to tell them not to come. That's my problem: I'm too nice. Maybe this sounds like irony, but I really can't say no and want to give everyone a chance. Funnily enough nearly everybody says, he/she would be open minded, friendly, folksy, likes music, partying, friends and sports. (Woooooh, #61 just came in.) Unloved Facebook comes to my aid here: Lately I'm checking the prospects' profiles with their mail addresses. Et voilà: At least some of the people can be rejected this way. Favourite music Rihanna, house and hiphop, greasy hair, loves soccer and HSV, way too ugly boyfriend, never read a book, likes Twilight and shit? Adieu!

Other funny aspect: As I moved in more than two years ago, there were nearly no prospects and the people who were hear were like: "Oooooooh, hm... okay..." Today they kissing our asses how pretty the flat would look like, how nice the neighborhood would be and how wonderful we would sound like.

To bring this posting to a close, here a song by beloved Motorama. Oh yes...


Between Victor Hugo and Maynard Keynes

Seems that a band I once called my "favorite band" disbanded months ago - without telling anybody anything about it. All the fans just wondered why they don't produce any new stuff and don't tour anymore. Okay, I wasn't a fan anymore, thus not that shocked. It's like one and a half year ago I last favored them. Btw: I'm talking about The Cinematics.

Anyway, it's a tad sad. They were talented and could have been successful. Now, listening to them again after quite a while, I have the blues. Sometimes it's like music, which you're heavily into for a while, sucks all this time's emotions up and when you're listening to it again, it's like looking retrospectively at the past. Maybe that's why I stopped listening to them: There were too many memories bond to it.

I fancied a lot of their songs, especially on the first album, "A Strange Education". "Asleep at the Wheel" was my fav right after the start up until now, "Keep Forgetting" the song eveyone should like and "Hard For Young Lovers" my favorite on the second album, "Love and Terror" - I always had to think about macroeconomics and that I should have studied more for it. I listened to "Human", "Rise & Fall" and "Hospital Bills" while being blue or they just made me feel that way. I fell into soft sleep with "Home" and "Box". But now it's all gone. I once saw them live and will never have the chance to do it again.

Here's a good article I found about the break up. After reading, I felt bad for them, especially for Larry. He's a good musician and seems to be an ingenuous, congenial guy. Don't know if I'll be able to get into his new band, Laurence and the Slab Boys. It's too raw for my current attitude towards life.

My most personal memory in relation to the band? Scott nearly slaying me, who stood right in front of him, with the column of his microphone. Me too confused to do anything, Scott not even noticing it. This will mabye be the image which drags into my mind everytime I listen to them or hear/read their name for the rest of my life.


New Layout

New Layout. It's the third "real" layout. Though it's pretty simple, I like it so far. Due to the fact I disliked the old one.


People love my crispy wings

No, it's not a joke, they mean it. Either they are stupid as fuck or they expect the viewers to be.