My bed is my office

Busy days, yo. Since I'm back from Dockville Festival (I'll post something about it later) I'm constantly have to read mails, mail back, read again, forward mails, write mails, take notes, ... Why? Because everyone seems to be interested to be our new flat mate. Of course everyone is a major hyperbole,but it's 60 requests in 8 days after all. Fortunatelly I deleted my phone number from the offer after the first call, if not, I would have to phone with masses of boring/strange/improper people and won't be able to tell them not to come. That's my problem: I'm too nice. Maybe this sounds like irony, but I really can't say no and want to give everyone a chance. Funnily enough nearly everybody says, he/she would be open minded, friendly, folksy, likes music, partying, friends and sports. (Woooooh, #61 just came in.) Unloved Facebook comes to my aid here: Lately I'm checking the prospects' profiles with their mail addresses. Et voilà: At least some of the people can be rejected this way. Favourite music Rihanna, house and hiphop, greasy hair, loves soccer and HSV, way too ugly boyfriend, never read a book, likes Twilight and shit? Adieu!

Other funny aspect: As I moved in more than two years ago, there were nearly no prospects and the people who were hear were like: "Oooooooh, hm... okay..." Today they kissing our asses how pretty the flat would look like, how nice the neighborhood would be and how wonderful we would sound like.

To bring this posting to a close, here a song by beloved Motorama. Oh yes...


  1. you should totally look for a vegan flatmate. like, totally! ;)

    i'm looking forward to having you here, lovely!
    we could pretend we are from abroad and flirt with all the economics guy. that could be fun.

  2. Unfortunatelly there was just one vegan in more than 120 people and she's 18 and would just stay for some months. That's why we didn't take her. I have to influence my flat mates somehow, but unconciously...

    Me, too! I would say I'm from Romania or something like that, because my English sucks and noone would ever try to speak Romanian with me. Or Hungary. Economic guys? Are they hot in MH? In Hannover they mostly aren't good looking, but in Hannover most guys aren't. :(

  3. Same goes for MH, they all look the same but they are funny because they are so strange and economic.