Strange enlightenments are vouchsafed to those who seek the higher places.

I'm at my "workplace" and that's what it is looking like atm. Okay, at least the corner where I'm sitting. It's cosy, I just had five clients in seven hours, I can prepare my university stuff here and am even allowed to laze around without shoes. Sounds great, but there's a fly in the oinment (haha, my new favourite saying!): I don't get paid. And though I mostly were short on money it was never that hard than today. Another problem is time since university is demanding a lot of it these days. And that silly "friend" who told me to definitely get me the job of my dreams at his institute I just had to wait some weeks, the secretary would be slow... I was waiting and waiting and when realised he just fooled me.

In fact I'm into some serious research here - or at least pretending to be.  I like that book as well as I like Flann O'Brien and my seminar but I don't know if I will make it to finish  The Dalkey Archive and prepare a decent presentation until Tuesday since I will have a busy weekend - not partying, but guests, twice demonstration against hunting, some help for a friend, and a Hindi- German session with my language exchange partner. Actually I need Tamil but haven't found any Tamil tandem and he said he'd also recommend Hindi for my purpose. By the way, there is also a smaaaaaaaall piece of a piece of cake on a plate to see on the picture above. Yeah, bad out-take. It's a piece of one of the cakes I prepared for yesterday's Christmas evening - a simple but colorful one with sugar icing, and a big chocolate-rum-coconut cake, all of them of course vegan as well as the cocoa I brought. Oh yes, I'm always such a darling and a big spender. Too bad I had to leave the event earlier to be in time for the Juli Zeh reading and just got back to clean the mess the guests made. But Juli Zeh was worth it, indeed a funny and very likable author. Maybe I will also dare to read her new book Nullzeit though it didn't sound that interesting in the first instance.

- The quotation in the caption is from Flann O'Brien's The 3rd Policeman, one of my other current reading matters. Like all my headings it does not have to make any sense related to the text.


Prokrastination ist...

... wenn man so unter Stress und Leistungsdruck leidet, dass man sich erstmal Fotolovestories auf BRAVO.de durchlesen geht.