So new year's resolutions what happened to you?

Ah, I still can't overcome I'm not allowed to pack my English sentences full with commas as I do in German. I even can't overcome it's called commas instead of commata. Serious problems. But actually I wanted to complain about myself because I did not write an entry yesterday as promissed. So I have to write two today? Don't know if I'm able to handle it, yesterday was already awfully stressy though I'm still on holiday. But university never abandons you (at least me) and gives you enough stuff to do hence you never get bored. 

To come to an end with my pointlessness: Nice song, isn't it? I'd love to shake my ass to its rhythm but it's 6 o'clock in the morning and I don't want to disturb my sleeping boyfriend more and more.

M. Ashraf feat. Nahid Akhtar with "O My Love"


Happy 2013

My New Year's Resolution for Harmonise is to write as many posts per month as it has days. If I miss a day I can catch up on it the next days. There is no guideline for the content. The reason is I want to get the blog fit for my year abroad where I want to do something I usually don't do: Share it with people I know.

Of course there are other topics I should concern myself about. University is (aham, or rather should be) my top priority. My audit period is January to beginning of February but as a matter of course I have to hand in several papers until end of March. There are 15 exams/papers to go and I already kicked two courses out to be less stressed. My temporary home will be our library again - unfortunately it is closed today though I'm anyhow hangover which isn't the best basis for serious studying.

Otherwise I'll started with a week of detox today - please cross your fingers I'll stick it out. Of course I have resolutions to regularly clean my room and the flat and to do more sports but who doesn't. It's not naive in my opinion. Also I want to go more often into museums (which I love but rarely make time for it) and do much more stuff other than clubbing with my friends before I leave. For example I would like to do dinner and cocktail parties and would like to cook on occasion for people who aren't my flatmates or boyfriend.

Apropos flatmate: Since I. moved some days ago we will have a new flatmate moving in our home in some days. I hope it will be nice and fuss-free living with her.