About things I should do

I have to study for the Swedish exam I have to do in some hours, that's why I came back to this "blog", cleaning the drafts. I found some unpublished old entry whereby, this song was included, Paris by Hans Unstern:


 Somehow I forgot about it. Maybe because of the feelings/memories attached. You for sure also know that: Songs you liked and listened to at a specific time tend to carry that sense of life you had at this very moment, in these hours, days or few weeks you went through something good, bad or mostly just awkward. Greasy, annoying stuff. Anyway, I don't care about that time, people, places, incidents anymore in any way. Just love to love that song again. And love to know that everything went out so much better. 

 Hope to see him live again some day.

P.S.: If I would tag any posts with "procrastination", I'd had to be every single one.

Into Black

I had this idée fixe to continue this blog (or what it should be) partly open to everyone, partly password saved. This was working well back in Livejournal days, but Blogger doesn't seem to allow to do so. It's a pitty. If somebody ever stumbles across this and knows how to change that: please tell me.

(Blouse's "Into Black" is one of my current faves.)