Harmonise in Grey & Grey

Lots of pretty uninteresting things going on lately:
  • I found out about Sia's collaboration with David Guetta and the result isn't an unprecedented desire for more Guetta stuff, but more one to never listen to Miss Furler again. 
  • Christian Wulff still doesn't want to quit, though it's not the first time for him to do so. Seems like nobody remembers that affair during his time as a federal minister? Why not someone like Dolly Buster for president? She won't be more disgraceful.
  • FU Berlin wants an additional fee (1,500€) per semester to study gender studies. My future plans are put on ice until further notice.
  • My Swedish teacher baked cinnamon rolls for us, one of the lecturers brownies. I couldn't eat any, they were made with eggs. Just another proof for the nonexistence of "God".
  • Though I panicked a lot I finished all that pre Christmas essay stuff at record speed. Today's the first day off now, which will be spent lazy in bed, but the following ones hopefully busy in the library.
  • No fucking snow here and I hope it'll stay like this the whole winter. But nevertheless Anna von Hausswolff's "Track of Time" at this point: A music video with loooooads of snow to cover I wish everyone a grey christmas, especially for children. 


So little time...

I've been on a secret mission late at night as my mother called to ask where I am and why I'm not at home. Sucks. Fortunately I don't live at my parents since ages and my mum didn't call. Sadly my mobile phone alarm clock just rang and I weren't on any kind of mission, just at home in bed and alas reality isn't adventurous these days but stressful and opressive. Actually I just run in circles since I don't know what when to do, it's so much. I whish to update more often again when I'm through - but wait, January will look even worse!
But I'll survive. And when I'm done, I even have plans to make my live additionally stressful and complicated.

To show off with something what happened in the meantime but nobody actually would be impressed with: William Fitzsimmons hugged me. Okay, maybe it was me who hugged him and he just hugged back, but he said: "Awwwwww!", so that's enough to say he wasn't compelled. 

S.C.U.M lost favour with me, at least a bit, since I know Thomas is connected with that cocky Gelldoof Geldof chick who's just famous for being someones brat. Wonder if she's still on that "spiritual path"... though I don't know what could be so spiritual on a money-hungry, criminal sect. Does he really mean it? Or is it a frantic attempt to sleep his way up?
So, that's all for now when it comes to gossip.

I'm into Ladytrons' "Mirage" quite for a while now, though I've been afraid to listen to their new album "Gravity the Seducer". New albums tend to fail me often. Like that new The Kooks stuff which is just lame. But they became a band for stupid mainstream fangirls anyway. Back to Ladytron: I'm still not sure about the whole thing now. But luckily I'm not only short on time but also on money nowadays which still gives me respite like until early spring.

That's it, duty calls. 


I whish it would be Thursday evening already...

She Passed Away are the first Turkish band I can freely listen to. It's all right as long as it's post punk. But maybe they are also too much into dark wave, can't decide. 

I know I'd better work on my presentation (ahm, 50 minutes left?) instead of watching music videos on YouTube in bed, but it's so hard... The subject is boring as hell and my bed is so incredibly warm and cozy and I can't bear to be seperated from it. Especially not on a day like today.


Eine Partei für Jung und Alt

Die Rentnerpartei Deutschlands ist nicht nur für die Rentner da. Damit die Renten steigen und das Renteneintrittsalter sinken können, muss ja auch "der Nachwuchs gefördert werden", also jemand da sein, der ordentlich malocht, Hintern putzt und in die Kasse einzahlt. Die Forderung nach absoluter Nachtruhe ab 20Uhr und Rollatorschleichwegen fehlt mir noch. Die Gesellschaft sollte sich schließlich anpassen. 


OMG! Sahra Wagenknecht and... OSKAR LAFONTAINE?! HUH?! It's not that I didn't notice them both living mentally on some different planet far away from Earth. But I never would have guessed it's the same.

But congrats, I consider them to be the perfect couple to give birth to the next Lenin. Some would take this as a compliment (they would, of course), but I honestly won't.
My mood changed into Berserk Mode. Don't know why I have to feel like the villain when I'm the victim. It's hilarious, isn't it?


I maybe mentioned it often enough,



I hope I won't get lost this night in Hamburg without my mobile phone. Somebody stole it last week from my own bookshelf at my own party. Sad, sad smiley. 


Just gave the new shower radio a try. Gameshow:

Moderator: Give us five planets of our solar system.
Woman: Saturn, Uranus, ... Pluto... Don't know...
Moderator: Just two others, please!
Woman: Sun and Moon?

I won't touch that gadget again. It just would make me mad and aggressive.


Stop Long Animal Transports

This isn't something new, but anyway, most people ignore the cruel truth. I just don't get them. 

For German speaking people: Bitte bei dieser Petition mitmachen! I'm disgusted, that an petition is actually required. 


Serious Business

My Own Private Alaska, the Band, I'm maybe going to see today:

Well, it's for free. But on the other hand I could do my Swedish homework and go to bed earlier, since I nearly didn't sleep last night (you know why) and have to get up tomorrow at least at 7 a.m. Hm, hm...

By the way, I'm now earning my money by returning deposit beer bottles. 


Instead of The Blood Arm in concert and privat all-night party at Hamburg Mainstation as previously planned I'm lying in my bed sitting at home, reading a shitload of pages for university. Around 70. Since NOW. Dilligent and ambitious. Wow.


Believe Me

This is funny. So... indie... I ever expected witches to wear cones and ride on besoms like those.

If anybody cares, I'm doing pretty well lately. Got stuck in an elevator yesterday, that was fun. 



Too Good for this World.

I dreamed I inherited a newspaper and could work there as the chief editor and a journalist besides university. Why can't I just once wake up and it's reality?



Last week I've been at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. The band I was looking for most was S.C.U.M, as you maybe can imagine. Unfortunatelly they had problems with the sound, that's why I who stood in the frontrow nearly couldn't hear any vocals, but that was more than most of the other people in the chock-full venue Molotow could hear. Some people who didn't know the band before thought they never had any vocals in their songs. However the sound of the instruments was great and the members who I met afterwards seem to be very nice guys.
I'll go to see them again in November in Hamburg again as The Horrors' support.

Here's the music video to Whitechapel:

Like An Animal

I totally don't feel like writing lately and I first wanted to say sorry, but actually there's nobody to recognize my absence, so nevermind.

A quick update though: Beloved Hatcham Social offer a free donwload of their Single "Like An Animal", you better go and get it if you stumble across this blog by accident. Oh, if you do it today, because they said it would be available just temporary.



Chaos of glitter and sparkles

Lovely Anna, who's got a quite more interesting blog as I do, has a giveaway over at this post: click here! I really, really like quizzes and stuff like that where you can win something, but I nearly never win. But last week, but that's another story... Well, I'd like to win, I'm needy and need it for my self-esteem.

The cake by the way isn't burned though I missed to take it out in time. I'll go to a concert by some gay guy named Oliver Eves now. Don't know him, but the concert is for free, it's Ruby Tuesday at Café Glocksee. I love that place!

Well Done

Nothing written from the things I promised, been ill, been busy, been just a chaotic mess, as always... From tomorrow until Sunday Berlin and Berlin Festival. Than two days at home. Than holiday. Three days at home. Reeperbahn Festival. Home, September will be over, and than the semester will start. I really regret the London trip I planned didn't take place this year as I had oodles of time, but hope to catch up on it in spring.
Don't know if I'll write it down in my lifetime, though I even managed to take photos, but Dockville was fine, so was The Kills and even BootBooHook, the festival with the most disturbing name in history. Actually I enjoyed everything a lot.

Looking forward to Austra, Beirut, The Drums, Boys Noize, Mogwai, Suede, ... Btw, I'm sitting in the kitchen where I'm baking banana cake for Cindy, who's been a dear colleague years ago and who will be my host in Berlin and it smells sooooooooooooo delicious!


Lazy me

Okay, a posting about Dockville Festival is missing. And now I'm going to BootBooHook, a local festival which isn't thaaaaat good, but okay, it's cheap and I don't have to travel through the country to get there. Also I have to hurry on Monday with flat viewings, because I have to get to Hamburg for The Kills.
My intention to write more non-nonsense in this blog is going south due to my talent to delay everything.


Prostitution als Weg, die Studiengebühren zu bezahlen?


My bed is my office

Busy days, yo. Since I'm back from Dockville Festival (I'll post something about it later) I'm constantly have to read mails, mail back, read again, forward mails, write mails, take notes, ... Why? Because everyone seems to be interested to be our new flat mate. Of course everyone is a major hyperbole,but it's 60 requests in 8 days after all. Fortunatelly I deleted my phone number from the offer after the first call, if not, I would have to phone with masses of boring/strange/improper people and won't be able to tell them not to come. That's my problem: I'm too nice. Maybe this sounds like irony, but I really can't say no and want to give everyone a chance. Funnily enough nearly everybody says, he/she would be open minded, friendly, folksy, likes music, partying, friends and sports. (Woooooh, #61 just came in.) Unloved Facebook comes to my aid here: Lately I'm checking the prospects' profiles with their mail addresses. Et voilà: At least some of the people can be rejected this way. Favourite music Rihanna, house and hiphop, greasy hair, loves soccer and HSV, way too ugly boyfriend, never read a book, likes Twilight and shit? Adieu!

Other funny aspect: As I moved in more than two years ago, there were nearly no prospects and the people who were hear were like: "Oooooooh, hm... okay..." Today they kissing our asses how pretty the flat would look like, how nice the neighborhood would be and how wonderful we would sound like.

To bring this posting to a close, here a song by beloved Motorama. Oh yes...


Between Victor Hugo and Maynard Keynes

Seems that a band I once called my "favorite band" disbanded months ago - without telling anybody anything about it. All the fans just wondered why they don't produce any new stuff and don't tour anymore. Okay, I wasn't a fan anymore, thus not that shocked. It's like one and a half year ago I last favored them. Btw: I'm talking about The Cinematics.

Anyway, it's a tad sad. They were talented and could have been successful. Now, listening to them again after quite a while, I have the blues. Sometimes it's like music, which you're heavily into for a while, sucks all this time's emotions up and when you're listening to it again, it's like looking retrospectively at the past. Maybe that's why I stopped listening to them: There were too many memories bond to it.

I fancied a lot of their songs, especially on the first album, "A Strange Education". "Asleep at the Wheel" was my fav right after the start up until now, "Keep Forgetting" the song eveyone should like and "Hard For Young Lovers" my favorite on the second album, "Love and Terror" - I always had to think about macroeconomics and that I should have studied more for it. I listened to "Human", "Rise & Fall" and "Hospital Bills" while being blue or they just made me feel that way. I fell into soft sleep with "Home" and "Box". But now it's all gone. I once saw them live and will never have the chance to do it again.

Here's a good article I found about the break up. After reading, I felt bad for them, especially for Larry. He's a good musician and seems to be an ingenuous, congenial guy. Don't know if I'll be able to get into his new band, Laurence and the Slab Boys. It's too raw for my current attitude towards life.

My most personal memory in relation to the band? Scott nearly slaying me, who stood right in front of him, with the column of his microphone. Me too confused to do anything, Scott not even noticing it. This will mabye be the image which drags into my mind everytime I listen to them or hear/read their name for the rest of my life.


New Layout

New Layout. It's the third "real" layout. Though it's pretty simple, I like it so far. Due to the fact I disliked the old one.


People love my crispy wings

No, it's not a joke, they mean it. Either they are stupid as fuck or they expect the viewers to be.


I Know You Know

Yesterday I went to the Tu Fawning concert at Café Glocksee here in Hanover. I really enjoyed it, though it seemed a trifle short. They came back on stage to play one song as an encore two times. But anyway, I liked it. Bands with different line-ups when singer-guitarist-bassist-drummer appeal to me and each of the members changed the instrument multiple times.
Furthermore all four signed my CD booklet and talked a bit to me. They said they want to tour Germany and also Hanover next spring again.

"I Know You Know" is my favorite song by them, though I have to admit I don't really like the music video.



Waiking up fully dressed with a bucket next to your bed end isn't that of a nice start in the day.



I cooked the most delicious vegan spinach lasagna ever, with silk tofu, tomatoes, and spicy yeast glaze. They tasted it, pushed their plates away and ordered food at the asian takeaway.

I'm Doing So Well

The time has come. I will role myself out of bed, take a shower, let my rather short hair dry for hours and then cook. A day like every day, nothing to do, and also not in the mood to do anything. Viva las vacaciones!

I somehow disliked Electricity In Our Homes before, I don't know why. But I changed my mind. The clip is crappy, anyhow. Though its meagreness also has some charme.


Crazy On The Dancefloor

New music video for Restless by Kakkmaddafakka:

Don't know if I like it. It's high quality and stuff, but there are blond chicks in it and they are doing apparatus gymnastics. I hated apparatus gymnastics and I hated physical education and, oh, I also hated sports. Today I just hate apparatus gymnastics and physical education. Also I were in love with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the old version. Honestly, this models really bother me.
Ah, can't wait to see Kakkmaddafakka again at Dockville Festival!

Btw, I think I have a date at 8 p.m., but I'm not sure. No, I don't have his mobile number. What should I do, aaaaah?! I'm too lazy to get up just to stand there and see if he appears. I'm also too lazy to get up if I really have to go. Oh dear, live is complicated.


Surprise, Surprise!

For my Birthday, which was yesterday and felt like every other day, I got a "VIP Bag for Her" from my male flatmate. It... enlightened my day... but I guess I'll never ever use it. Okay, I had to drink my beer out of that "straw" (on the right), but that's it. I wasn't even allowed to read some pages out of "Screams of Lust in Rio" at the kitchen table btw, which would be the only pleasure for me.

(pink thongue "Sweet Love", next to last Orion catalogue, fierce erotic novel, 
vibrator "Lady Finger", massage oil "Fresh Vanilla Touch", penis straw)

New layout and it's awful! I should change it soon, but it has to stay some days before, because it took me too much time for designing to dismiss it completely.


Picture Frame

Haha, I laughed hard at this live gig review's comments. Well, while reading the review, I've first been a bit shocked. But okay, everyone has his own opinion and the right to express it. But this:
"[...] Samantha pulls a face like a wet fanny when playing."
wasn't the real Cherish Kaya, was it? Hm, I don't think so.

Oh, I would be so happy to be on a gig like that. R O M A N C E, complete HTRK and Ipso Facto together. Today that would be impossible.

Wild Creatures

I actually got a reply mail from Hatcham Social about the street team project, though I live in a country where like 99,9% (I guess) never heard about them. Now I should film a footage of myself (or any other female volunteer, but who could be that stupid to do this for me?) transforming into a wild animal. I guess they need material for the "Wild Creatures" music video. I tried to style myself as a cat, but I'm such a crappy cat.

(Unfortunately no video of Hatcham Social's "Wild Creatures" available)

Hatcham Social are btw one of my favourite bands in 2010 + 2011, though I never wrote about them before. I remember a situation last year where I tried to survive a car journey with my parents and granny due to listening to Hatcham Social in the car's CD player to calm down and not to be forced to listen/speak to my parents. It ended in my father bashing my music taste. And I thought it improved over the years. Sad smiley needed.


Happy Birthday!

One year ago I wrote the first stupid post at Harmonise in White & Black! Happy birthday, beloved useless blog!

In honour of the occation I'll create a nw favicon now. The current one is crappy. And maybe I'll also design a new layout these days. We'll see.


Yupp, yupp

It's Sunday Friday evening and I have a lot to write about. Tons of stories nobody cares. Personal and unpersonal. Crap and maybe... something that isn't that crappy. But unfortunatelly I started to write AFTER I started to drink and, well... I don't wanna even know how many mistakes I made in these... ahm... five or six sentences. I can't even think properly in German anymore. Good night.


Ears and Eyes

Knowing if I move from here, all I know will disappear. A risk for which I'm grateful now...

Did I mention how blue I am due to Ipso Facto's disbanding? Though I really apreciate R O M A N C E, who have Ipso Facto's Samantha Valentine as their bassist now. But I miss the sound and Rosalie Cunningham's lovely voice.


Nummernziehen für Dummies

Geil. Eigentlich wollte ich nur übergangsweise hartzen, werde jetzt aber vermittelt. Jemand wie ich solle ausgesprochen gut zu verhökern sein. Mein Traum von drei hyperschnuffigen Monaten, in denen sich ein unglaublich nützliches Praktikum an das nächste reiht, ist jetzt wohl ausgeträumt. Ach ja, außerdem ist "jede Arbeit zumutbar". Zum Beispiel Kadaver zerhexeln und zubereiten, denn ich müsse das ja schließlich nicht essen. Hat er gesagt, ja. Da haben sich die drei Stunden im Wartezimmer doch glatt gelohnt. Dafür bekomme ich eine Geburtstagsüberraschung, denn genau an meinem kleinen Jubiläum ist der nächste Termin, hui!
Habe ich schon erwähnt, dass die ganzen anderen Idioten, die ich kenne und die in meiner Situation sind, einfach hin sind und sich in der Wartezeit nun beruhigt die Eier kraulen können?

Desweiteren stresst der Alte hier rum, ich solle seine Angelegenheiten erledigen. Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte, die mir gerade nicht weniger die Kotze hochtreibt.


Sexy Bundestag

Finally! Now you can rate the sexiest German politicians. But damn, why is this stupid Wagenknecht #1?! I have to vote her down... Here it is! 


Bicycle Boy

Froschschenkel à la Cuisine

Die Empfehlung der Feinschmecker
  1. Man nimmt einen Frosch, möglichst den Seefrosch (Rana ridibunda, was schon ironischerweise so viel heißt wie lachender Frosch)
  2. Bei noch lebendigem Leibe zieht man diesen über ein Messer und durchtrennt seine Wirbelsäule. Nun können die noch zuckenden schmackhaften Schenkel, ausgerissen werden.
  3. Der Oberkörper, welcher noch bis zu drei Stunden lebt, kann als Müll entsorgt werden. Bitte an dieser Stelle keine Gefühle zeigen, denn es ist nur ein Frosch und sie lieben ja diese leckeren kleinen Schenkelchen.
  4. Für einen kleinen Schmaus benötigen sie dann etwa 30 Schenkel, also nur 15 Frösche. Wenn sie ein großes Restaurant, zum Beispiel in Paris betreiben, können es gut und gerne bis zu 450 Frösche am Tag werden.
  5. Das weiter Procedere kennen sie, Knoblauch, Weißwein und so weiter.
  6. Wir wünschen Ihnen einen guten Appetit!

Mir ist jetzt schlecht. Das passende Bild dazu spare ich mir lieber...


Lovers & Liars

4 p.m. - Do I really have to get up?

Oh yes!

 (My fav song.)

Haha, it took just like one second to bring my mood on an exalted level. The Kills will play at Hamburger Docks in August.
Finally. They are one of my favs since like forever and I never saw them live. But that doesn't mean I never had the chance. 
It's hard for me to talk about, cause every time I thought about it I felt like crying. Or not. But I was sad. And angry. But more sad. Some weeks ago I went to a festival which is called Hurricane just to see them. Okay, I was interested in at least half of the line-up, but there wasn't any other band I was looking for in that way, with hearts in my eyes. I payed a lot of money, felt like a zombie for three days in a row due to the weather conditions, a lack of descent warm clothes and warming alcohol. But I told myself it's all okay, as long as I see The Kills. Guess what: I didn't. Because they played in a tend, which was full during and before their perfomance and I wasn't there early enough (like two bands earlier as I had planned). I guess most of the people who saw them just were there inside of the tend because of the rain and not to see the band in the first place. I talked to some people who were waiting infront of it and who didn't even know the band. Frustrating³.

But that wasn't he only missed opportunity just this year. They already played in Berlin this april, with S.C.U.M as support. That would have been a double win. If it wasn't around the time I had to sit around at home with my papers to study for this exams (which surprisingly turned out well).

But now I'll go and see them at least in August! And nothing can stop me - if I don't forget to buy the tickets in time, like I did like umpteen times before.  

In Between Buses

I kinda like Las Robertas. But why is their drumer, Franco, dressing like a girl and calling himself "Ana"? Strange, but nevermind, it's all about the music. Sadly they are one of these bands I know for ages (okay, maybe it's just like a year) but never got the chance to get a CD, because they don't sell anything outside of South America.


Wo siehst du dich in 20 Jahren?

Kommt drauf an, wie das mit dem Studium endet. Momentan könnte ich mir gut vorstellen, in Hannover zu bleiben, aber in ein paar Jahren könnte ich ggf. auch umziehen (wollen). Innerhalb Deutschlands Berlin, Dresden/Leipzig vielleicht, wenn ich Geld hätte auch Hamburg. Ansonsten bei einer Anstellung bei einer Hilfsorganisation an wechselnden Orten, wo ich mich gebraucht fühlen würde. Gerne Indien, Südostasien, Afrika, Südamerika.
Privat wäre ich in der Zeit tatsächlich gerne verheiratet und hätte sogar gerne Kinder, obwohl mir das irgendwie keiner mehr glauben will.
Beruflich erfüllt, brauche aber nur so viel Geld, dass ich ohne Probleme auskomme, aber ohne viel Luxus, wenn der Rest stimmt. Dabei würde ich, wenn das mit den Berufsaussichten durch Studium nichts wird und familiär auch nicht, wohl auf jeden Fall bei so einer Organisation im Ausland tätig sein wollen, ruhig bis ich irgendwie verfrüht an Seuche XY sterbe.
Aber um ehrlich zu sein, mache ich mir da nicht so die großen Gedanken, weil alles ungewiss scheint und sich so schnell ändern kann.

You're a sexual dynamo. Most guys couldn't even handle you. I've been reading books on the outside just so I can keep up with you.

Am I? Did you ever try to handle me?


The Good Ones

I spent this day with lots of sleeping, browsing though youtube and eating vanilla soy icecream (no, it's not disgusting; yes, it tastes good). Yesterday was my prom and though I thought I wasn't drunk enough, I noticed today I really was. My fears, it would be boring and humiliating didn't come true. They had vegan food and I got along with everyone quite well - I just ignored the people I don't like. The music was shit, but as I already said I tried to drink as much as I could to also ignore that aspect. I even went to my classteacher (whom nearly everybody dislikes and calls a bitch) who was dancing to some r'n'b shit, we hugged each other, she linked her arms with mine, I took a photo, showed it to her, said we would look like twins and we both giggled.

Now I have to handle the idea of lots of free time. Unbearable.

When the Wind Blows

Since quiet a while I pondered about buying the animated movie "When the Wind Blows" on DVD. Don't know why I never thought about youtube before. Today I did, the whole movie is available, but in eight parts, here with German dubbing:

I don't think it would affect me that way if the protagonists weren't an elderly kindhearted pensioner couple. Jim also kinda reminds me on my grandfather as he still was okay some years ago...

For sure this is just a movie about "What if it happens now?", but it could have happened and still could happen.
There is a movie with nearly autobiographical contened about what really happened when bombs hit Hiroshima, "Barefoot Gen". Though it's just animated, I barely dare to whatch this trailer:

Well, I would be too anxious for the real movie. I remember I couldn't hardly deal with "Grave of the Fireflies" as a child/teen, which seems to be much more diffident. The whole topic is inscrubtable for me. Why are people able to do that shit? I mean weapons of mass destruction, war, even killing someone else, if it's an human or animal.

Eat Yr Heart

I'm glad HTRK are still going on with new songs after Sean's suicide. They'll release an album in September and have following tune available as an free download:

Though I'm the only one I know who likes them and their atmospheric, kinda depressive music.



Oh fuck, I just realised the appointment I thought to have at 4 p.m. is at 2 p.m. and I have to buy a suit and some pumps or just anything to dress before. To be honest I'm still in bed. Oh well...

Let me vomit into your lap, please

Obese man cut from chair he was stuck in for 2 years dies; skin fused with maggot-infested fabric

[...]A morbidly obese Ohio man who had to be cut loose from a chair he had not left for two years has died, officials said.
[...]Bellaire police had to cut the man free after finding that his skin had fused to the chair's fabric.
They said he sat in his own waste and was covered in maggots.[...]

Seems like really everything would be possible in the United States.  Haha, haha, ha...



Actually I should clean the flat now. The female flatmate is studying in the library right now and that's totally okay. I told the male one we could clean up a bit today together, but he said no and drove to his parents to Hamburg. Another time he excused himself we would always clean at weekends when he's away, which isn't true, he's mostly here.
Anyway, I should go and do something, I'm the only one able to do it. Yesterday we went to a furniture store and I bought some new furniture and items for my room and also for the rest of the flat. I should arange everything, tidy up, clean the dishes, take out the trash, do the laundry, and so forth. But I am... actually surfing through strange band pages. It wouldn't be accurate to say I discovered something, 'cause I don't suppose I would ever listen to this bands again. But this is funny, isn't it?

I think they're French or something and try to sing German. Okay, first I really thought they'd be German. Their make-up is hideous and so are the lyrics. But the band name "VELVET CONDOM" tops that all. Btw. I stumbled across them by listening to a band named "Lebanon Hanover", 'cause I thought they're locals, but they aren't.

Yeah, it seems procrastination reached a new level.



Maybe I missunderstood something. But nevertheless I'll go partying this night. I guess I won't be able to concentrate on the exibition tomorrow besides vomiting.


Amber Hands

This song virtually makes me calm down, though all their other ones I know would make me... at least twitchy. Well, good night.


Es müssen jetzt mehr als zwei Jahre sein, dass ich mir in den Kopf gesetzt habe, endlich mal zur Montagsbar des hannoveraner Staatsschauspiels zu gehen. Die Veranstaltung findet in der Cumberlandschen Galerie statt und - wer hätte es gedacht - montags. Erst fand ich niemanden, der mich begleiten wollte, dann vergaß ich es regelmäßig oder hatte selber keine Zeit. Gestern dann war es endlich soweit: Ich konnte meinen eigentlich ziemlich unmotivierten Mitbewohner kunstfertig überreden. Es sei wohl so wie NightWash, fragte er und ich sagte ja, wobei man "ja" hier als eine Abkürzung für "ja, vielleicht, vielleicht aber auch nicht, denn ich weiß es nicht, da ich noch nie dort war" sehen sollte. Und schon eilten wir zum Orte des Geschehens.
Die Cumberlandsche Galerie ist ein mehrstöckiges, soweit ich weiß unter Denkmalschutz stehendes Gebäude im Zentrum Hannovers und beherberg unter dem Dach eine Bühne mit Sitzreihen. Im Erdgeschoss ist eine Bar und dort fand auch die besagte Montagsbar statt. Das sieht dann alles übrigens ungefähr so aus, wenn auch nicht gestern:

(Zum Öffnen der jeweiligen Quelle auf's Bild klicken)

Gesessen wurde auf der Treppe. Weil ein paar Muttis, die nicht früh genug für Sitzplätze da waren (selbst Schuld eigentlich) doch noch sitzen wollten, sollten wir mal zwischendrin noch eine Reihe schaffen und mit unseren Knien kuscheln, ergo für den Fehler dieser Muttis büßen. Es waren erstaunlich viele Schauspieler des Staatstheaters anwesend, die ich von den paar Stücken, die ich die letzten beiden Spielzeiten (davor gab es eine fast komplett andere Truppe mit anderem Intendanten und übrigens passt hier die Floskel "früher war alles besser" perfekt) gesehen habe und auch sonst war es rappelvoll. Irgendwann begannen die unten endlich mit sowas wie einem Vorspiel, wie es mir schien. Aber nachdem ich realisierte, dass das schon ihr richtiges Programm war, fragte ich mich nicht mehr, wann die denn endlich anfingen, sondern wann sie denn bitte aufhörten. Ich hätte dem Motto des Abends wenigstens etwas Beachtung schenken sollen:

"Ich bin schonmal Weg - Ein Sommerliederabend": Was denkt man sich dabei? Ich habe ehrlich gesagt nicht so viel drüber nachgedacht, da ich unbedingt dahin wollte. Dabei wäre es wenigstens halbwegs offensichtlich gewesen, dass das nichts wird. Gut, geschauspielert wurde nur wenig, nichts Gutes und eine Geschichte dahinter hätte man auch vergeblich gesucht. Ein paar Leute am Strand, manche lesen etwas aus ihrer Lektüre vor - Groschenroman, Praline, AutoBILD, Bild der Frau, während andere musizieren. Gesungen wurde viel, u.a. "La Mer", "Time After Time", "Wicked Game" und auch nicht schlecht. Aber dennoch seltsam, wenn dann Dinge wie "Scheiße, du bist in der falschen Zeile" u.ä. von den Vortragenden dazwischengekichert wurde und das auch nicht selten. Nach spätestens 20 Minuten war ich am leiden. Aber nicht nur ich, denn mein Mitbewohner starrte auch nur verzweifelt vor sich. Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich selber jemand bin, der besonders dem Theater gegenüber sehr tolerant ist und versucht, hinter allem noch einen Sinn zu erkennen. Aber das war einfach nicht gut. In dem Sinne ja auch kein Theaterstück. Dafür hatte ich dann 10€ gezahlt (5€ je Karte an der Abendkasse, aber ich hatte vergessen, nach Studentenermäßigungen zu fragen), meinem Mitbewohner versprechen müssen, es sei grandios und einen besinnlichen Abend des Lernens sausen lassen. Zu dem psychischen Schmerz kam dann noch bei mir Rückenkrüppel durch die unangenehme Kauerhaltung und hohen Schuhe noch ein physischer.
Zu meinem Erstaunen aber wurde nicht wenig gelacht. Ich verstand die Schauspieler kaum, weil sie mal gerne vor sich hinnuschelten, dennoch waren es auch Leute, die nicht mehr als ich verstanden haben könnten, die lachten. Wenn ich doch etwas verstand was belächelt wurde, fragte ich mich, warum. Der Grund wird wohl nur in den Weingläsern zu finden sein, die fast jeder Gast umklammerte und denen wohl noch einige vorrangegangen sein mussten. Auch werden die Schauspieler im Publikum gute Laune geschauspielert haben, um ihre Schauspielkollegen beim Spiel zu unterstützen und dies das nächste mal bei getauschten Rollen auch einfordern zu können.
Da man von unseren Plätzen unmöglich fliehen konnte, zumindest nicht ohne Aufmerksamkeit hervorzurufen und im Weg sitzende Gäste zu verletzen, beobachtete ich so unauffällig wie möglich die paar Menschen aus dem Publikum, die es für mich zu beobachten gab. Die beiden Schauspielerinnen, die vor uns saßen und von denen ich zusammen zufälligerweise auch eine Karte in unserem Postkartenduschvorhang habe, waren rechte Hungerhaken mit Silhouetten, die man höchstens vierzehnjährigens Mädchen zutrauen konnte. Und das mit Ende 30 und Anfang 60. Die junge Frau am anderen Ende des Raumes hatte eine Frisur samt Haarfarbe, die auch noch mit dem hübschesten Gesicht einfach furchtbar aussah. Warum hatte sie das bloß getan? Und warum sah dann ihr Freund noch so gut aus? War das da ein paar Sitze weiter nicht einmal eine Lehrerin von mir gewesen? Und was sagte die Uhr?
Ich zählte die Minuten, bis die Stunde rum sein sollte und stellte dann mit Entsetzen fest, dass es doch wesentlich länger dauerte. Als es schließlich so aussah, als sei es endlich geschafft, kam doch noch eine befürchtete Zugabe, sodass ich nach dieser so verhalten wie möglich klatschte und schnell das Weite suchte. Aus Angst, sie kämen nochmal wieder.

Das alles könnte einfach nur der Vorführeffekt gewesen sein und das schlechteste Programm der ganzen Montagsbar-Reihe. Ich werde ihr wohl noch eine Chance geben, irgendwann. Bei meinem Mitbewohner allerdings befürchte ich, dass er nach dieser Erfahrung meherere Jahre in nichts Theaterähnliches mehr hineinzubekommen sein wird.

Küken sexen

Dieses Video geistert mir seit Monaten im Kopf herum. Es ist nicht so, dass es [das Video] herausragend schrecklich wäre [unter den Videos seiner Art] oder mir das ganze nicht bekannt war. Und dennoch. Es war wohl einfach das erste richtige Mal, dass ich das Wissen auch mit Bildern verknüpft habe. Meistens sieht man da ja nur Filme über Schlachtungen. Fantastisch ist natürlich, dass den Otto-Normal-Verbraucher sowas gar nicht kümmert, er aber z.B. bei Geschichten wie dem "Dioxin-Skandal" in helle Panik verfällt. Ganz cool auch, sich mit Bio-Eiern das Gewissen freikaufen zu wollen.


All the people, you know all the people, I know all the people, we know all the right people, everybody, let's go

I don't find any words about how I feel. Confused. Impatient. Depressed. Exactly this, anything between, but something totally different.

Chronicle of a Failure Foretold

I was so looking forward to the weeks after my exams. Actually they should be full of fun and joy, parties, clubbing, social live, stuff, blabla. But instead of that I still have to study and now have to fear oral exams. Gnarr! The big probs: It could be up to five subjects. They all would be hold on Monday, 20th June. They'll tell me which subject/subjects it'll be on Friday, 17th June. They'll don't tell me the topics. And from 17th to 19th I won't be even here and won't have any time to study! I'll regret I bought the ticket for this festival, but now it's too late. Anyway, I have to do alot this weekend and should oppress my needs.

But I'd at least want to try to go to the play "Chronik eines angekündigten Todes" ("Chronicle of a Death Foretold") at Cumberlandsche Galerie this evening. The novel by Gabriel García Márquez is one of my favorites and I hope it will be also a neat play. Besides it's tis season's last representation.

I ♥ my stupid blog

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I know this isn't necessary, since nobody follows this shit and there's just one person who reads it: myself. But anyways, who cares? Nobody reads this and the Bloglovin button is that stylo geilo.



Not today, but yesterday was the birthday of someone I really adore. Ich liebe dich, du dickes Schwein. ♥


Don't be afraid, don't be alive. In the end of the night I can be with you.


I wanna go out, go swimming, do anything, but at the same time I feel sick.


A house in our direct neighborhood is vacant since before I moved to this place and I did this quite a while ago. Last week a huge group of people squatted it. We really liked the idea. Why not? Nobody seems to be interested in it anymore and that's a lot better than leaving a ruin behind. In the last days we observed the scene and where curious when the first party would be on. Of course we wanted to join in. Party for free, just a few footsteps away from us.

Yesterday morning a police squad marched up. They scared the few people away who have been in and around the house, took down the last guy from the roof, boarded doors and windows up with wooden slats and now some policemen in a police bus constantly patrol on the street in front of the building.
Why? Nobody in this area would complain if it would have been louder, but it wasn't. The onwer lives abroad and doesn't care about the house at the moment. He wouldn't complain also. This just shows that German police is a busybody. Don't they have anything better to do?


I think I'll never drink again.

Or at least not this week. Maybe later a bit, but just a bit. And what the hell happened to my velum?!


Blood Pressures

I could fall in love with this album. Already the first song is stucking in my head after the first hearing.

Shout or Dare

Do you know Shout or Dare? I don't know what to think about it. Playing truth or dare without truth and "real" people... But above all: I thought hipster triangles won't be hip anymore.


Poetry Slam Semi Finals at Faust were nice. Now I consider to visit the Finals in October in Hamburg.

Rikje Stanze didn't win and also wasn't my favorite, but wasn't bad and her slam's the only one I found.

("Twitterfasernackt" was part of Bleu Broode's poetry, who won and has been one of my favs.)




The weekly offset OHP check came to its end. I'm not that sure, but seemes it should be a relief for me the festival's officially canceled now, cause so is my planned London trip combined with shopping, scene discovering and the already mentioned highlight since weeks. Due to personal reasons, but not mine.

See you in September 2012!


Wer stellt sich für mich als Boxsack zur Verfügung?

Gerade eben begann ich ein Vergehen, dass die mir auflauernde Polizei sodann strafrechtlich verfolgen musste. Gibt wohl zu wenige Verbrechen, da muss man sich eben was Neues suchen.


From now on...

... I'll go swimming each day for at least 1h until the Festival. The package with my dresses arrived which I ordered last week as a present for myself (because I ♥ me). Everything fits, but I look like a mommy.

Westerwelles Erbe?

This guy is an idiot. He totally fits his party.


With whom do I have to sleep now to undo this day?


The Pains of Being Lazy as Fuck

Must. Get out. Of bed. Must. Go. To the library. Must study. Must learn. Ugh.



I so love this! May I be mentally retarded? Üüüüüüüüi! Hearts.

I need new ballerinas. It's an akward feeling to go the short distance to the swimming bath in casual clothes and high heels.


You Don't Own Me

Usually I don't like covers that much. But I adore this.


Nightmare on Limmerstreet

I had nightmares lately and remembered them. 

Today I dreamed I was going to the exam and had to wait in front of the door until it starts. Being the only one I went in circles. Than the door was opened. I thought I'd be the first one, but everyone was already there and the exam started hours ago. I had to hurry.
- I wasn't late today.

Yesterday I had three weird dreams. First one was a penis dream. One of the strange penis dreams, no good penis dream! Are good penis dreams even possible?
Second one was about me asking the male flatmate which boots to wear and he answered, I should wear my brown ones. But they were fucked up and so they are also in reality! I loved them that much to go with their leftovers through this winter, though I always had cold and wet feed, cause all the snow and rain came in. Than I tried to ignore the needles (like stapler needles, to hold the parts together) which were hitting in my flesh with every step and bore wounds in my feed. But now I finally will let them rest.
Third dream was me planting the seeds of male flatemates penis chillis which I gave him as a birthday present and he never grafted in reality. After a short time where were already some fantasy fruits like huge, strange strawberries.
The nightmares were the boots dream and the penis dream. Both dreams have something in common with the third dream: random penisses and the male flatmate. Hm.


Why are men that bloody stupid? How are they able to survive more than 24h alone?


I want a new layout for this. It would be the fifth time for something I don't really use. But it's so ugly, I want to cry.

Edit: Done.


Ich hätte schwören können, gestern noch was geschrieben gehabt zu haben.


Do you know this: You want to go to your exams, but you can't because you don't know what to wear?


Look at me, I'm alive!

Yeah. Still two exams to go (tomorrow + monday) but that one I've been afraid of has been on tuesday. No idea if I passed, but if not I'll hang myself in the attic. Pitty we don't have one.


Money can buy you love

Today is Mother's Day and Rachel Zoe suggests people to buy presents like bags for 268$ (187,16€) and neglaces for 950$ (663,45€). No, her page is not dedicated to rich bitches. And this is just some random example.
That's why I don't really like this day: It's commercialized like Christmas, Valentine's Day and nowadays even Easter and St Nicholas Day. But most people are too stupid to recognize it's not a day for mums but a day for economy. What about its real purpose?

I called my mother today and recited a poem. Some people may say that's cheap. But honestly: What could be tackier than trying to show your love/to buy someone elses love with something you bought emotion- and maybe mindless randomly in some shop? If I could have visited my mother I would have baked and cooked for her, but that's something I'd also do on other days when I'm able to, because it's silly to have a day to (be forced to) "show your love" and not to be able to do it else.


Mein Kopf...

... ist kurz vorm platzen und meine Nerven kurz vorm Zusammenbruch.


Since when am I waiting for...

... this fucking Veronica Falls Album or even a copy of a Single or an LP or what ever and when the fuck will they finally release it?!

Hier steht eine Überschrift

Ich glaube, ich werde heute doch nicht besucht. Nun gut, dann wird das eben wieder ein fleißiger Tag. Hoffentlich.

Bockig, dass beim Imbiss die Falafeltaschen teurer geworden sind*, habe ich mir gestern einfach meine eigenen gemacht. Es geht ja nicht um die paar Cents (+15%!), aber ums Prinzip und da kann ich unerträglich sein. Nun ja, meine waren zwar lecker, aber irgendwie habe ich das Gefühl, dass die Hauptzutat Fett war. Da muss ich mir noch etwas einfallen lassen.
Ich freue mich so, wenn diese furchtbare Zeit vorbei ist und ich wieder in meiner Küche experimentieren und Leute zum Essen einladen kann. Herz.

Nachher gehe ich dann mich endlich wieder mit der Lerngruppe treffen. Letztes mal habe ich mir einen Sonnebrand zugezogen, weil sie draußen sitzen wollten. Wenn ich über meinen Nacken fahre, habe ich das Gefühl, eine alte Frau anzufassen.
Ansonsten kommt Michi heute vielleicht wieder. Hörte sich so an, als habe er irgendwas in Richtung Urlaub. Ich hoffe ja mal nicht. Und wenn doch, dass er nicht durch die Wohnung streunt, wenn ich mich auf's Lernen konzentrieren muss. Dies gilt natürlich nur für den Fall, dass ich das auch tun werde.

*) Ja, okay, auch weil mir langweilig war und ich nicht das tun wollte, was ich sollte.


I want you

I want candy. I need it. There is nothing left in the flat expect of the thingies in Iraimas room... Today I ate all of Michis Amarettini (which I don't really like), all his blueberries and cooked chocolate pudding out of my last soy milk. The Knoppers and Kinder Riegel hat to bite the dust some days ago. But I still need candy!

Warst du ein Fan von Michael Jackson?

Nö, nie.
Und kann jetzt bitte mal irgendein Perverser (oder nicht ganz so perverser Perverser) ankommen und mir richtige Fragen stellen, bitte? Bitte?! Ich bin verzweifelt und muss mich von Formspring fragen lassen, seht ihr Perversen da draußen das nicht?! DDDD:



Mein Englisch ist klobig und furchtbar. Ich schäme mich dafür.

Grüße aus dem Kloster

Irgendwie war es eine schlechte Idee, erst einen Monat vor den Prüfungen mit Lernen anzufangen. Seit Samstag bin ich jetzt dabei, mich selbst zu kasteien und plane meinen Lernplan immer radikaler durch, um noch etwas zu schaffen. Trotzdem habe ich das Gefühl, nichts zu wissen. Dafür sind jetzt meine Gedanken überall dort, wo sie nicht sein sollten. Mit Konzentration war's das erstmal. Wahrscheinlich auch mit meinen hochangesetzten Zielen. Ich habe mich einfach viel zu sehr an mein "bisheriges" Leben gewöhnt, um es schlagartig um 180° zu ändern.


Last week I had the chance to see Motorama LIVE for FREE and didn't go. Just didn't go. I panicked around about exam shit and thought it would be better to stay at home and learn. I didn't. Now I deeply regret it.




Why oh why?

No, Blog-Thingie. I won't give you my cellphone number or my address or anything else. Same with Gesichtsbuch. But nice try. In the past organisations had to do research on people to fill files about them with useless information. That was called StaSi. Today people seem to deliver that information voluntarily. Hmpf.

- Okay, I should stop here before I make a fool of myself for even using this.