So little time...

I've been on a secret mission late at night as my mother called to ask where I am and why I'm not at home. Sucks. Fortunately I don't live at my parents since ages and my mum didn't call. Sadly my mobile phone alarm clock just rang and I weren't on any kind of mission, just at home in bed and alas reality isn't adventurous these days but stressful and opressive. Actually I just run in circles since I don't know what when to do, it's so much. I whish to update more often again when I'm through - but wait, January will look even worse!
But I'll survive. And when I'm done, I even have plans to make my live additionally stressful and complicated.

To show off with something what happened in the meantime but nobody actually would be impressed with: William Fitzsimmons hugged me. Okay, maybe it was me who hugged him and he just hugged back, but he said: "Awwwwww!", so that's enough to say he wasn't compelled. 

S.C.U.M lost favour with me, at least a bit, since I know Thomas is connected with that cocky Gelldoof Geldof chick who's just famous for being someones brat. Wonder if she's still on that "spiritual path"... though I don't know what could be so spiritual on a money-hungry, criminal sect. Does he really mean it? Or is it a frantic attempt to sleep his way up?
So, that's all for now when it comes to gossip.

I'm into Ladytrons' "Mirage" quite for a while now, though I've been afraid to listen to their new album "Gravity the Seducer". New albums tend to fail me often. Like that new The Kooks stuff which is just lame. But they became a band for stupid mainstream fangirls anyway. Back to Ladytron: I'm still not sure about the whole thing now. But luckily I'm not only short on time but also on money nowadays which still gives me respite like until early spring.

That's it, duty calls. 

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