Harmonise in Grey & Grey

Lots of pretty uninteresting things going on lately:
  • I found out about Sia's collaboration with David Guetta and the result isn't an unprecedented desire for more Guetta stuff, but more one to never listen to Miss Furler again. 
  • Christian Wulff still doesn't want to quit, though it's not the first time for him to do so. Seems like nobody remembers that affair during his time as a federal minister? Why not someone like Dolly Buster for president? She won't be more disgraceful.
  • FU Berlin wants an additional fee (1,500€) per semester to study gender studies. My future plans are put on ice until further notice.
  • My Swedish teacher baked cinnamon rolls for us, one of the lecturers brownies. I couldn't eat any, they were made with eggs. Just another proof for the nonexistence of "God".
  • Though I panicked a lot I finished all that pre Christmas essay stuff at record speed. Today's the first day off now, which will be spent lazy in bed, but the following ones hopefully busy in the library.
  • No fucking snow here and I hope it'll stay like this the whole winter. But nevertheless Anna von Hausswolff's "Track of Time" at this point: A music video with loooooads of snow to cover I wish everyone a grey christmas, especially for children. 

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