Oh yes!

 (My fav song.)

Haha, it took just like one second to bring my mood on an exalted level. The Kills will play at Hamburger Docks in August.
Finally. They are one of my favs since like forever and I never saw them live. But that doesn't mean I never had the chance. 
It's hard for me to talk about, cause every time I thought about it I felt like crying. Or not. But I was sad. And angry. But more sad. Some weeks ago I went to a festival which is called Hurricane just to see them. Okay, I was interested in at least half of the line-up, but there wasn't any other band I was looking for in that way, with hearts in my eyes. I payed a lot of money, felt like a zombie for three days in a row due to the weather conditions, a lack of descent warm clothes and warming alcohol. But I told myself it's all okay, as long as I see The Kills. Guess what: I didn't. Because they played in a tend, which was full during and before their perfomance and I wasn't there early enough (like two bands earlier as I had planned). I guess most of the people who saw them just were there inside of the tend because of the rain and not to see the band in the first place. I talked to some people who were waiting infront of it and who didn't even know the band. Frustrating³.

But that wasn't he only missed opportunity just this year. They already played in Berlin this april, with S.C.U.M as support. That would have been a double win. If it wasn't around the time I had to sit around at home with my papers to study for this exams (which surprisingly turned out well).

But now I'll go and see them at least in August! And nothing can stop me - if I don't forget to buy the tickets in time, like I did like umpteen times before.  

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