Surprise, Surprise!

For my Birthday, which was yesterday and felt like every other day, I got a "VIP Bag for Her" from my male flatmate. It... enlightened my day... but I guess I'll never ever use it. Okay, I had to drink my beer out of that "straw" (on the right), but that's it. I wasn't even allowed to read some pages out of "Screams of Lust in Rio" at the kitchen table btw, which would be the only pleasure for me.

(pink thongue "Sweet Love", next to last Orion catalogue, fierce erotic novel, 
vibrator "Lady Finger", massage oil "Fresh Vanilla Touch", penis straw)

New layout and it's awful! I should change it soon, but it has to stay some days before, because it took me too much time for designing to dismiss it completely.

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