Crazy On The Dancefloor

New music video for Restless by Kakkmaddafakka:

Don't know if I like it. It's high quality and stuff, but there are blond chicks in it and they are doing apparatus gymnastics. I hated apparatus gymnastics and I hated physical education and, oh, I also hated sports. Today I just hate apparatus gymnastics and physical education. Also I were in love with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the old version. Honestly, this models really bother me.
Ah, can't wait to see Kakkmaddafakka again at Dockville Festival!

Btw, I think I have a date at 8 p.m., but I'm not sure. No, I don't have his mobile number. What should I do, aaaaah?! I'm too lazy to get up just to stand there and see if he appears. I'm also too lazy to get up if I really have to go. Oh dear, live is complicated.

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