Chronicle of a Failure Foretold

I was so looking forward to the weeks after my exams. Actually they should be full of fun and joy, parties, clubbing, social live, stuff, blabla. But instead of that I still have to study and now have to fear oral exams. Gnarr! The big probs: It could be up to five subjects. They all would be hold on Monday, 20th June. They'll tell me which subject/subjects it'll be on Friday, 17th June. They'll don't tell me the topics. And from 17th to 19th I won't be even here and won't have any time to study! I'll regret I bought the ticket for this festival, but now it's too late. Anyway, I have to do alot this weekend and should oppress my needs.

But I'd at least want to try to go to the play "Chronik eines angekündigten Todes" ("Chronicle of a Death Foretold") at Cumberlandsche Galerie this evening. The novel by Gabriel García Márquez is one of my favorites and I hope it will be also a neat play. Besides it's tis season's last representation.

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