A house in our direct neighborhood is vacant since before I moved to this place and I did this quite a while ago. Last week a huge group of people squatted it. We really liked the idea. Why not? Nobody seems to be interested in it anymore and that's a lot better than leaving a ruin behind. In the last days we observed the scene and where curious when the first party would be on. Of course we wanted to join in. Party for free, just a few footsteps away from us.

Yesterday morning a police squad marched up. They scared the few people away who have been in and around the house, took down the last guy from the roof, boarded doors and windows up with wooden slats and now some policemen in a police bus constantly patrol on the street in front of the building.
Why? Nobody in this area would complain if it would have been louder, but it wasn't. The onwer lives abroad and doesn't care about the house at the moment. He wouldn't complain also. This just shows that German police is a busybody. Don't they have anything better to do?

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