Actually I should clean the flat now. The female flatmate is studying in the library right now and that's totally okay. I told the male one we could clean up a bit today together, but he said no and drove to his parents to Hamburg. Another time he excused himself we would always clean at weekends when he's away, which isn't true, he's mostly here.
Anyway, I should go and do something, I'm the only one able to do it. Yesterday we went to a furniture store and I bought some new furniture and items for my room and also for the rest of the flat. I should arange everything, tidy up, clean the dishes, take out the trash, do the laundry, and so forth. But I am... actually surfing through strange band pages. It wouldn't be accurate to say I discovered something, 'cause I don't suppose I would ever listen to this bands again. But this is funny, isn't it?

I think they're French or something and try to sing German. Okay, first I really thought they'd be German. Their make-up is hideous and so are the lyrics. But the band name "VELVET CONDOM" tops that all. Btw. I stumbled across them by listening to a band named "Lebanon Hanover", 'cause I thought they're locals, but they aren't.

Yeah, it seems procrastination reached a new level.

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