When the Wind Blows

Since quiet a while I pondered about buying the animated movie "When the Wind Blows" on DVD. Don't know why I never thought about youtube before. Today I did, the whole movie is available, but in eight parts, here with German dubbing:

I don't think it would affect me that way if the protagonists weren't an elderly kindhearted pensioner couple. Jim also kinda reminds me on my grandfather as he still was okay some years ago...

For sure this is just a movie about "What if it happens now?", but it could have happened and still could happen.
There is a movie with nearly autobiographical contened about what really happened when bombs hit Hiroshima, "Barefoot Gen". Though it's just animated, I barely dare to whatch this trailer:

Well, I would be too anxious for the real movie. I remember I couldn't hardly deal with "Grave of the Fireflies" as a child/teen, which seems to be much more diffident. The whole topic is inscrubtable for me. Why are people able to do that shit? I mean weapons of mass destruction, war, even killing someone else, if it's an human or animal.

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