The Good Ones

I spent this day with lots of sleeping, browsing though youtube and eating vanilla soy icecream (no, it's not disgusting; yes, it tastes good). Yesterday was my prom and though I thought I wasn't drunk enough, I noticed today I really was. My fears, it would be boring and humiliating didn't come true. They had vegan food and I got along with everyone quite well - I just ignored the people I don't like. The music was shit, but as I already said I tried to drink as much as I could to also ignore that aspect. I even went to my classteacher (whom nearly everybody dislikes and calls a bitch) who was dancing to some r'n'b shit, we hugged each other, she linked her arms with mine, I took a photo, showed it to her, said we would look like twins and we both giggled.

Now I have to handle the idea of lots of free time. Unbearable.

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