Money can buy you love

Today is Mother's Day and Rachel Zoe suggests people to buy presents like bags for 268$ (187,16€) and neglaces for 950$ (663,45€). No, her page is not dedicated to rich bitches. And this is just some random example.
That's why I don't really like this day: It's commercialized like Christmas, Valentine's Day and nowadays even Easter and St Nicholas Day. But most people are too stupid to recognize it's not a day for mums but a day for economy. What about its real purpose?

I called my mother today and recited a poem. Some people may say that's cheap. But honestly: What could be tackier than trying to show your love/to buy someone elses love with something you bought emotion- and maybe mindless randomly in some shop? If I could have visited my mother I would have baked and cooked for her, but that's something I'd also do on other days when I'm able to, because it's silly to have a day to (be forced to) "show your love" and not to be able to do it else.

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