Nightmare on Limmerstreet

I had nightmares lately and remembered them. 

Today I dreamed I was going to the exam and had to wait in front of the door until it starts. Being the only one I went in circles. Than the door was opened. I thought I'd be the first one, but everyone was already there and the exam started hours ago. I had to hurry.
- I wasn't late today.

Yesterday I had three weird dreams. First one was a penis dream. One of the strange penis dreams, no good penis dream! Are good penis dreams even possible?
Second one was about me asking the male flatmate which boots to wear and he answered, I should wear my brown ones. But they were fucked up and so they are also in reality! I loved them that much to go with their leftovers through this winter, though I always had cold and wet feed, cause all the snow and rain came in. Than I tried to ignore the needles (like stapler needles, to hold the parts together) which were hitting in my flesh with every step and bore wounds in my feed. But now I finally will let them rest.
Third dream was me planting the seeds of male flatemates penis chillis which I gave him as a birthday present and he never grafted in reality. After a short time where were already some fantasy fruits like huge, strange strawberries.
The nightmares were the boots dream and the penis dream. Both dreams have something in common with the third dream: random penisses and the male flatmate. Hm.

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