Take me home before the storm

Searching for some information I just stumbled on my own "blog" - peculiar, huh? And then: Perusing the stats I noticed hits on here, without me updating or even thinking about Harmonise. So who was this person who visited this lifeless sh*t several times a day? It has to be either someone very cute residing on the other part of the northern hemisphere at the moment or someone else who just wants to check what I write about his beard or his penis or maybe also my father stalking me online again... I hope for the first. Send me a grunt if it's you (damn, I feel somehow retarded writing like this...)
For your information: Yes, I am procrastinating. I have a presentation about national group identity due on Wednesday morning. And a quiz on Thursday. And since today another presentation about Keynes for next Monday. This is my most easygoing week this semester - or maybe since a year, I lost track of anything. 
And good news is I have a new second job. Bad one is it seems I will lose the first one since that shit kid I was tutoring found it very clever and subtle to hide away his filming iPod at the guest toilet to record me peeing. Don't know if that was funny, exciting or even voluptuous to him, I myself was too shocked to shout at him or even ask him why he did that. Yet I will have to remind him of § 201a StGB. But whatever, I do not know if I want to see this kid again and risk other incidents. Of course it was not the only one but the others where forgivable. 
Well, and the cat is not fine. I saw him on Saturday, he was very fluffy, somehow cuddly, seemed a bit tired and got brighter fur, so all right on the surface, but my parents said he was throwing up blood. I am somehow worried and would like to caress him more often.
So, my presentation calls. Take care.

Oldy, but goldy. And soooo beautiful!

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  1. Ich besuch zwar deinen Blog regelmäßig aber nicht täglich. Es wird wohl wer anders gewesen sein. Was wäre die zweitebeste Alternative?:/