Et tu Jons?

We went clubbing last Wednesday night to Thursday and I just accompanied them because I thought I maybe meet him. As R. told me he saw him in the crowd and I ran around, searching for him without result, I got angry about R. and went home.

I just got the news he died last Thursday, the funeral is held Friday. 

It just feels wrong. 

I don't know the reason yet. It may sound weird, but I hope it was something inevitable. And not the same impulse as M.'s, who commited suicide on February 14th - just very few weeks earlier  she opened herself for me and I was to blind to see and react.

It's a pitty I usually rarely think about the evanescence of life. What ever we want to do, what ever we want to say, we should do it know because tomorrow everything can be so different. But seems I am just able to remember this when it's too late.

It's the third case of death for me in seven months. Don't know what's wrong lately. Even my cat nearly died some weeks ago. There's no need to mention how happy I am about that nearly, is it?

Good night and take care...

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