I'd like to paint the walls with...

I feel like some vegetable, which shrivels oneself. Maybe a carrot. Yes, carrots fit me, shrivelled carrots. 

Loved that Grimes concert last Saturday at Molotow (Hamburg). Not only her performance, but also the support act Doldrums. So I spend a lot of time this week listening to them - especially to this tune, "I'm Homesick Sitting Up Here in My Satellite". 

All the people I told about it or had to listen to it while hanging out with me said something like strange music, strange sounds which aren't music or just that my taste in music still sucks majorly. 
- Naaa, I honestly don't see the point, I'm not strange, I'm just how I should be and it's totally okay. With or without the msuic I listen to. At least I don't listen to that Lady Gaga crap...

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