Another day in Schlauraffen Land

Today, mensa waiting line: two 40+ yo ppl talk about vegetarians - she's one. He admires her for that, but says how extrem and strange vegans would be - and illogical: Eggs and milk would be presents, totally natural. Yeah, it's so natural that male chicks die in shredders some minutes after they hatch and dairy factories exist, where cows with overbred high-output udders have to be pregnant their whole life to give milk without ever seeing one of their children and than get slaughtered after a fractional amount of their lifespan because they're not profitable enough. Yes, of course, this happens also every day in the wilderness, totally natural. The animals want it to be like that and abuse and kill themselves for you, as a present. 

By the way: My browser is no longer supported by blogger? I'm using FireFox on my netbook. What does that shit mean? Does blogger want me to regret I didn't choose Wordpress as I started Hamronise in w/b?!

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