"Heute Morgen erwachte ich als Wunschkind"

Not really, I woke up noticing I overslept and had to hurry, worse than yesterday - I woke up noticing I overslept and my life won't be the same without Heinz Gut, but who the fuck is Heinz Gut, which role did he (or she; after all this is a queer feminist blog in disguise) play in my life before and why didn't I realise him* before if he* should be that important to me? Actually I'm writing these useless lines because I have to finish some stupid bibliography-crap for university which isn't really that stupid or crappy, but it's enough for my tender heart, I need something to distract me from the wish to kill someone. Of course, why ever should I (start updating again) update again?


And hey, T., if you read this: Ich trete dir sowas von in die Eier!

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