Hello World...

...  who you'll never read these lines. Hello unknown person from Lithuania who just stumbled across my blog some minutes ago - or maybe bearded nosy guy from Germany with an IP adress changer who likes to stalk me, we'll maybe never know. On any account: Hello!

Yes, certainly: I'm here, so I have a deadline for tomorrow. Of course not, no, I haven't finished it yet.

What to say.... Hm, yes. I made up my mind. I treat Harmonise bad, that's okay. But since I will (try to) keep a diary blog anyway during my stay abroad, it can also be this one. And so I have to get back to blogging writing strange uninteresting stuff.

So, people who go astray here, bearded stalkers and also the few people I rarely force to read my entries: What do you want me to write about? Not as a future topic for the whole Harmonise thingie, I mean once, occasionally, ... Actually it would help me a lot. Ask questions, make suggestions, ... always, not with a deadline. (Huh, deadline? War da etwas?)

For sure, I'll never ever have a real topic here. The topic wasn't even my life. That's the only thing I could/would change. Or will.

To bearded stalkers with love:


  1. Ich lese deinen Blog wirklich sehr sehr gerne und würde mich einfach schon darüber freuen, wenn du wieder mehr schreibst.Worüber? Einfach alles was dich beschäftigt und/oder interessiert...

    1. Du bist ein Schatz. Dann schreibe ich auch gerne, einfach nur für dich. :)

    2. P.S.: Ich habe u.a. deswegen so oft pausiert und unregelmäßig geschrieben, weil ich kein Feedback habe/hatte. ;)